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Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
handmade organic body care products
handmade organic body care products
Loving Touch Therapies News

Forthcoming Events

Autumn Events for 2008 will focus on ways to reduce anxiety, whether you experience it in your mind, body or spirit. When you want help to eliminate negative states or just want more success and abundance in your life, then check out my 'Vital Touch' Seminars on my website. Also some great holistic treatment offers are available to support you with ways to de-stress and keep healthy.

La Spiezia


‘Holistic Inside Out’ Events

Loving Touch Therapies focuses on providing you with up to the minute information and resources on Organic wellbeing and Lifestyle issues specifically targeted to address women's needs. I deliver these events with talks from specialists in their field. Next ones are:


Guests enjoy goody bags, demonstrations and information on organic personal and home care, networking opportunites, plus healthy organic food. Thank you for your encouragment and support.


Seminars have a personal development and de-stress focus. My goal is to empower you through information and support, where you get to learn skills to help you cope better with a variety of challenges such as: Stress, Menopause Health, for example:

Blessed With Bliss' Seminar

Suitable for busy women who want to get the skills and knowledge to create and sustain vitality and bliss in their lives.

Saturday November 22nd : 9.30am - 4.00pm

  Cost £127.70 (or (£95.80 with an early bird saving of 25%)


Until then have fun

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