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Email: info@lovingtouchtherapies.co.uk
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Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
handmade organic body care products
handmade organic body care products

Loving touch is a specialist in providing solutions for stress related health issues. Please find below

  • Sample testimonials from actual clients

Initials are used where confidentiality has been requested.


Well-being in the Workplace

“We are really pleased with the monthly corporate therapy sessions from Karen at Loving Touch.  Karen really makes us feel calm and positive even if the working day has been difficult. She also offers hints and tips that we can use in the office to help us deal with stress and difficulties.  She listens to the problems we’ve had and uses her therapies to eliminate our anxieties and worries.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Karen to our colleagues, friends and family.”

Yvonne Gorman, Natalie Coe and Suze Watts
The Ladies at Fatcactus Ltd

Gift vouchers for friends and family

“You have just made my mate feel absolutely brilliant so a huge thank you.  She was very down on the phone last night but a different person now.  She is going through an incredibly stressful time at the moment.  She has just called me and can’t sing your praises enough. The focused support with hot stone treatment was fantastic she said. Thanks for making her feel loads better.”

Collet Payroll Services Ltd

Wellbeing Coaching & Therapies.

“I have personally benefited enormously from the holistic approach offered by Loving Touch and the therapies and stress coaching skilfully provided by Karen. The minute I met Karen I felt at ease in a relaxed environment and after discussing my issues, I felt confident we had agreed a personal holistic plan to address my needs.  It is a lovely, reassuring feeling knowing that you are in the hands of an expert who genuinely, personally wants to help you to achieve your goals. Thank you Karen for helping me move forward.” H.S 

Pure EFT

“The stress sessions with EFT, has been so effective, much better than counselling and other forms of therapy I have tried. Thanks for all your support and time. I have learned a lot and am putting it to good use and still do the EFT techniques.”
Andrew, Nottingham

"EFT has been amazing. After just one session, I was able to let go of a limiting belief that was holding me back with my finances. Since then, amazing things have started to happen!" S.K 

General Testimonials

“You hear all about de-cluttering your house or office, well I went to have some wonderful treatments with Karen and now I’m de-cluttered! I feel so much more energetic and clear headed yet relaxed.  Nothing is too much trouble for Karen.  She is thorough and knowledgeable with a caring friendly manner.” Sandra, Teacher

Stressed Directors

"Years building a highly succesful business left me with physical and mental burn out. It's not an exaggeration but karen has given me a new life! My work life balance and relationships are so much better. I could not have achieved this without Karen's brilliant skills." S. H 


"I am writng to thank you for your excellent help and guidance. I was very stressed and worried about my business and the direction it was heading in. I gradually overcame this and now I am looking forward to the future and planning ahead. I would gladly recommend you to anyone" Danny


Quit Smoking 

"Karen your a star! I am so delighted, I still can't believe I have no desire, it just never enters my mind." David

"Six months on and I wanted to write a big thank you for helping me stop smoking. Without your help and support I would have found the whole process of giving up too much and probably still smoking now. Your approach made it feel easy to quit and your regular phone calls reasurred me of your support. I have no hestitation in recommending you to others who want to stop smoking but also for other de-stress treatments you offer which are really very relaxing and rejuvenating." Zoe  

Weight Issues

"I went to curb cravings for chocalate. It took one session and year on I have not wanted or craved chocolate since. I recommend anyone to go to karen, her methods really work." Sophie 


Holistic Massage Therapies 

 Indian Head Massage

“I can thoroughly recommend both the hot stones therapy and Indian Head Massage.  All my aches and pains simply faded away and any stress I was under lifted. Karen truly has magical hands.  I recommend her to all my friends. Helen P, Teaching Assistant Nottingham

Detox treatment

“I’ve found the treatments very relaxing and successful in relieving my health concerns!  My skin feels and looks clearer after a foot detox treatment.  I also have less pain during my ‘monthly’ All that’s left to say is … enjoy!  Sue, M. Derby

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment

“Having suffered from congested sinuses, ears, throat and chest discomforts,  2 sessions of Hopi Ear Candle therapy cleared the sinuses, eased the chest and reduced pain in the ear.  Thank you.”
Janet N, Retired

Reiki Treatment

Reiki & hot stone massage treatment with Karen has alleviated my neck pain.  It was really jarring and painful and with Karen’s treatment and ability to listen and understand, my pain has gone. I have regular visits as Karen is a brilliant therapist. She has good strong hands which enable her to give a deep massage. Best of all though, Karen listens and wants to help and you leave feeling really good. Jyoti, Teacher


Reflexology Treatment

I always really look forward to my monthly treatments. I feel so much better afterwards, its so relaxing and Karen always makes me feel comfy and cosy. Sarah, Nottingham

Aromatherapy Treatment

 "Karen's deeply soothing techiques always delivers the blissful result I seek!"  Lynn, Nottingham

Remedial Treatment.

"I went to karen following a whiplash inury with quite severe neck and back pain. Karen administered heat treatment and therapeutic massage. At the end of the session my pain was considerably better I also felt revitlaised and refreshed. At a networking group I go to I have heard numerous testimonials from members that karen has treated and they always are high in praise and i can endorse this", David

Spa Treatments

Blissful Touch Detox Facial plus the organic touch hot stone pedi spa:

“I had a lovely first time experience, which definitely made me want to have more. I felt very relaxed, totally stressed relieved, wonderful, I definitely recommend this treatment and look forward to my next one” Nazreen, Nottingham

Organic Facials

“ I look forward to my monthly treat as it is always a lovely experience, deeply relaxing yet energising. I feel calm and much happier afterwards, Thank you Karen, Suzanne, Nottingham

Ahava Dead Sea Salt Glow Body Scrub

" I feel so energised and grounded after this treament, great boost when your feeling sluggish and down" Desreen. 

"A wonderful revitlising treatment for my 40th birtday! My body felt very soft and silky the oils worked wonders and smelt divine. Thank you Karen for a fantastic experience (again!), Mandy. 

Organic Complete Top to Toe Hot Stone Therapy

The first time ever that I tried the hot stone massage was just so fantastic. Karen worked wonders on my shoulder pain and neck area. I thoroughly recommend this treatment for all to try and return on a regular basis for its rejuvenating effect.Michelle Mc, Nottingham

Spiezia 100% Oragnic Skin Care

"Karen is perceptive and listens to what you say and what your body tells her. Karen's treatment plan was specifically designed to target my particular issues and I found the organic products that she prescribed were very effective. I suffer from psoriasis and found the Spiezia propolis ointment calmed down my symptoms considerably. I would definitley recommed Karen's services" Nickie