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Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
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handmade organic body care products

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Stress Coaching

Why might Wellbeing coaching be useful in your life now?

There are times when you may feel out of control, overwhelmed, anxious or stressed.  It's at times like these that support from a caring non-judgemental specialist can help give you a fresh perspective and guide you to positive and objective solutions.  If you're looking for assistance to meet changes, welcome or not, then wellbeing coaching can show you the ways to meet your challenges, and without using drugs with their possible side effects. 

Loving Touch coaching can help you:

A customised plan is created for you where you can choose from a variety of approaches to ensure maximum and sustained results. Below is a brief summary of methods and what your sessions could include:

Emotional Freedom Techniques

An energy psychology therapy that involves tapping on specfic points on the upper body, whilst focusing on the issues. Very effective  breakthroughs occur for issues of an emotional nature. Good for reducing anger, irrational fears, mood swings, mental relaxation and releasing blocks. 


EFT has been amazing after just one session, I was able to let go of a limiting belief that was holding me back with finances. Since then, amazing things have started to happen!” S. K, Nottingham

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

A form of applied psychology and models of communication that helps with self confidence, dealing with change, limiting beliefs, clarify what you want and how to get it, help you control the way you think and feel, thus manage stress more effectively. Excellent for conflicts associated with work life balance, also performance issues, public speaking, procrastination, and other negative states.

Solution Focused Approaches

For when you're feeling stuck in a rut or have learning or creative blocks, this structured cognitive behavioural approach helps you focus, explore resources and depersonalise the problem.


This is a safe reliable recognised treatment for a wide range of health issues such as insomnia, IBS, phobias, panick attacks, stress, weight loss, smoking cessation and exam nerves. Hypnosis is achieved when you are fully aware but in a pleasant state of relaxation where the power of suggestion and your imagination can help make lasting and positive changes.

Initial consultation

Together we will agree a plan that targets the best approaches. These therapies are very effective and it's not uncommon for clients to find a resolution to their issues within 2 - 4 sessions. However we are all unqiue and sometimes longer support is necessary.

Therapy Plan Options 

Depending on the issue to be treated you can book yourself in for a one off consultation or a  treatment plan. 

'One off' consultation and treatment session (1.5 hours)                                          £99.00

A 'Combo Plan' can gets you sustained results. It involves 6.5 hours and includes the utilisation of a range of methods conducted either face to face or on the phone. A minimum of x 2 (1.5 hours face to face sessions) work well. This plan costs                                                   £400.00.

Includes workbook and handouts. With this plan you can benefit by trading talking time for 1/2 hr holistic massage treatment.  It offers great flexibilty and value. Many of my clients choose this plan because of the flexibility. Please cross refer to the testimonial page.

All sessions are structured and involve a commitment to apply pre - session or after care self help methods. Bookings are payable and made on an advanced basis. 


Imagine being able to do do what you want free of anxiety, be who you want to be, feeling joyful, healthy and in control. My job as your skilled therapist is to guide you to discover these inner resources, to help you keep them alive and kicking so you get the best from your life. 

You deserve it!

For a no obligation talk with some one who is genuinely interested in your well being

Call me on 0115 945 2384 to discuss your situation in complete confidence.

Alterantively e-mail enquiries to info@lovingtouchtherapies.co.uk.