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Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
handmade organic body care products
handmade organic body care products

Spiezia Organic Skincare

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Spiezia Organic Skincare

Spiezia Organics - Certified Organic by Soil Association

Why is natural and organic better?

Loving Touch believes in using natural and organic products in there holistic therapy treatments  because they have higher healing and nourishing qualities that support you in creating more vitality and a real sense of well being.

Spiezia skin care productsWho would willingly put products that contain harmful toxins in or on your body?

Yet this exactly what millions of us do several times a day through food, toiletries and make up. Along with environmental pollutants we are ingesting a cocktail of toxins that can cause damage such as infertility, skin and breast cancer, skin rashes, fatigue, digestive complaints and a whole host of other ailments too. 

So at Loving touch you can feel reassured that the products  we use on your skin are nourishing and healing, and don’t add toxins to your body.  That’s why we choose only 100% organic and natural products approved by the Soil Association:
The 100% organic, award-winning skin care products from Spiezia. Great for congested and sensitive skin conditions.

Loving Touch clients have been amazed and pleased by the excellent results of the Spiezia skin care range.

Why Spiezia Organics?

Spiezia Organics certified 100% organic  Skin Care…

In 1999, Dr Mariano Spiezia an Italian herbalist living in Cornwall, created the UK's first complete range of 100% organic skin and body care.  Soil association approved and award winning range  there is no water in the formulation allowing only the natural herb and flower oils to preserve the products naturally. The amazing Spiezia Cleanser is "...probably the best in the world...!" (Jo Fairley, Beauty Bible) and has become an organic beauty “must have”.

La Spiezia Facial Cleanser This famous certified 100% organic cleanser contains herbs and oils that have decongesting and soothing properties, formulated to deep cleanse the skin, dissolve make-up (even waterproof mascara) and melt away impurities. 10ml travel / trial size available too.

Why not treat a friend or yourself to a lovely spa treatment using the spiezia skin care range. Combined with hot stones massage these treatments are detoxifying and deeply nourishing. See the detox facial ritual  or the top to  toe experience, to book ring

Loving touch has the full range of Spiezia skin care to try and buy either at; 
The Organic wellbeing & lifestyle parties ; click here to book
Or at the loving touch therapy suite : Click here or telephone Loving Touch to buy.

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