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Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
handmade organic body care products
handmade organic body care products
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It seems time passes so quickly with the holidays over. Some of us have not felt as revived as we would have liked. If you could do with a boost of vitality, want to feel refreshed then consider a deeply soothing hot stone massage.


Special Offer for September! 

Enjoy a free treatment of the same value when you book x 2 in advance!

A good massage produces happy hormones and natural pain killers in your body. It helps your mind and body to reconnect, it grounds your energy or lifts it depending on what is best for you. We are hard wired to seek balance as our innate healing ability desires a sense of peace. Massage is an effective way to  help you relax and feel good. When you want to feel rejuveanted, refreshed or just bliss,

Treat yourself or someone special with Loving Touch - Gift Vouchers

(and get a free 'Green and Blacks Organic Chocolate' bar while stocks last!) 

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