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Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
handmade organic body care products
handmade organic body care products
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The credit crunch brings changes, possibly an increase in anxiety, or even work/ life tensions. Here I share what I have had to do in order to create balance in my home life as well as in my business

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Values are the fuel that drives our actions and our decisions.

Values can give us joy and connection or conflict and alienation.Those of you who know me appreciate how I love learning and see challenges as opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.  

Learning is top of the pops for me.

In the summer I did a course on emotional mastery. I was grabbed by the challenge of walking on glass! It was an excellent experience but it wasn't necessary, as my curiosity got the better of me. I am passionate about wellbeing, but spending an average of £6,000.00 a year on courses, plus time out from family life, has raised values conflicts around my work life balance.

Values Resolutions

So I have had to review what drives me and whats important. I recognise that I love learning, have a perfectionist streak, plus a fear of not 'knowing' enough. Together these explain my decisions to attend courses. I have put things in perspective by valuing what I already know. Sorted out my highest values. which is learning family and clients needs. I am upgrading my hypnotherapy skills so you get better results.  Other courses that I find interesting to do, are organised into occasional treats or rewards for good behaviour, (more time with family) and good decisions, like saving!

If you are experiencing money values conflicts, guilt, or are in debt and would you like to learn how to tranform these negative states, then do consider 1-2-1 coaching. With guidance, insight and support you will change the way you feel, act and think about money giving you better results.

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