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Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
handmade organic body care products
handmade organic body care products

When you want to:

  • Take control of your health and well-being
  • Learn self help solutions
  • Feel empowered

 Choose seminars that make a

 real difference!

Seminars & Courses

The exciting seminars below have personal development focus, to help you feel bliss and cope with change.

I love working in collaboration with associates who have a passion for quailty and transforming people's lives. All my seminars are tailored specifically to meet the needs of women and are led by experts in their field.  The information you receive will give you quality information that will inspire you. This will lead you to develop the skills and find the solutions to create real choices in your life. 


Seminars for Individuals

The following seminars are run x 2 times a year at the Loving Touch suite.

 (Enjoy early bird savings of 25%, check for dates & details @ info@lovingtouchtherapies.co.uk)

'Blessed with Bliss'

Women this is a very special seminar!  You will leave feeling healed at a deep level and gain  insights that help move you on. Learn the secrets for connecting with your inner authentic power. Learn how to manage your energy, have more presence, increase your libido, stop feeling tired, and understand how your emotions effect your health and your energy. This day helps you to rid your self of negativity, and fill up your emotional and spiritual cup. A must for any women wanting more fulfillment and to feel bliss in their life!

" Just wanted to thank you for an amazing day, your teachings really must go out to more women. it was a fun relaxed beautiful and nurturing experience. I felt my confidence sour just by being present in that wonderful feminine energy, bliss!" Sarah

Next Course:  Satuday November 22nd 2008

Bliss Effect Evening Course 

Would learning how to relax, feel pleasure, turn up or down energy, like tuning into a radion station be the best gift you could give to yourself this year? Yes! In this course learn easy meditation skills, visualisation and other methods that help you promote self healing! Get the tools you can apply even when overloaded or exhausted. Learn the science  (bio-chemistry) behind the philosophy of bliss. Have explained and know the difference between different meditation approaches.This is a practical applied course designed to run as x 4 sessions over 4 weeks to accomodate the requests of busy women, build momemtum, feedback and support. Monthly follow up bliss circles are planned;

Next course:    Wednesdays - Janaury 28th, February 4th, 11th, 25th 2009

Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm                 Limited number of places book now: Tel 0115 9452384

Costs: £95.80 (Early bird saving 10% applies + course includes a free c.d!) 


'Feeling Hot Hot, Hot' (c): The Menopause and You

A one day integrative health course, facilitated by Dr Laura Serant-Green a national sexual health expert and myself. The seminar gives you the information and tools you need, to deal successfully with the menopuase. It will help you regain your zest for life and feel supported.

" A very enjoyable, full and informative programme with a spiritual and fragrant twist, just lovely!' Joan Lewis 


Vital Foods- Vital Health

These are currently in the process of being planned with a nutritionalist and homeopath to address  hormone imbalance, weight and body issues.

All these seminars integrate medical and holistic approaches so you can create a way that works for you.


For more details about any of my courses call Loving Touch on 0115 9452384 or email Karen info@lovingtouchtherapies.co.uk