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Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
handmade organic body care products
handmade organic body care products

Welcome, my name is Karen and I am a stress specialist with over 20 years experience as therapist, trainer and coach.

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I love helping people to feel amazing, because the better you feel the better the quality of life you will enjoy.

My work is based on three touchstones:

“I have had numerous treatments from Karen.  She instinctively knows where I have tension and stress.  I feel completely relaxed during the treatments.  Afterwards I feel refreshed, energised and more positive in my attitude towards life.  Thanks.”  Farah J.

 What does a holistic approach mean?

Put simply it means the integration of mind, body, emotions and spirit. When we are in a state of balance we have more vital energy and feel more joy. Discontent and disease can arise from toxins, but also suppression of emotions, a switching off of the self from self, and others. Whilst we place a high value on independence, individualism and choice, and yes these do bring variety, better qaulity, as well as change, the drawback is an illusion of separation. This generates tension, causing negative states such as:

We live in a rapidly changing world the speed of which can overwhelm and shake our values. It is not surprising that we feel more stress. In fact the WHO research anticipates by 2020 stress will be the biggest risk to health in Western nations. I meet more and more people who feel disorientated and empty wishing to find purpose and meaning in their lives. Loving Touch therapies can help you feel more connected, deeply relaxed, balanced and revitalised. My aim is to:

The Personal Touch offers you:

Pure organic, high quality natural products provide you with:

The skills I have gained enable you to benefit from a mix and match approach. This is important because we are not one dimensional. You can select well being solutions into a complete package of care and thus optimize the result you seek. 

Simply My Mission is to:

Nurture, empower and revitalize individuals or groups.

My Philosophy is:

To live life with passion, joy and appreciation. Reconnect with who you truly are!

My Global Vision is of:

A more equal, empowered and loving world.

So what prompted me to specialise in the personal development and well being field?

During the period of 1981 - 1984, I was mugged twice, had a very bad car crash and burnt out for overdoing it socially and in work! I suffered an episode of depression whilst incapacitated by a slipped disc. Getting burnt out at 25 was a wake up call. I had the most amazing holistic massage that healed my body, emotions and mind. I felt inspired and my spiritual and curious nature was awakened. Thus I began my journey through numerous courses to explore a life of balance! Since then I have helped thousands of people over the years to feel de-stressed, nourished and transformed enabling them to overcome a variety of challenges. I strive to be a highly skilled intuitive therapist that can address the core problem. I love learning. This enthusiasm is delivered to you in a light, sincere, educative and facilitative style. You feel empowered, gain insights and skills so you live a fulfilled life, free from pain or fears.

Professional Credentials 

I value both the scientific as well as eastern models of health. As a consequence I professionally trained in mind therapies as well as complementary therapies. For example in the 1980's I gained  qualifications in Social Work, Psychodynamic Counselling and Massage. Over the last 15 years I have chosen to embrace humanistic and positive pyschology approaches such as HRD(M.Sc Distinction) Master NLP, Coaching and EFT practitioner, Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused methods. I have been a professional mentor and tutor for Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester Universities. I feel privileged to have trained with the world leaders in holistic medicine, Dr Deepak Chopra and more recently Dr William Bloom in meditation techniques. Dr Bloom has given me a license to deliver his 'Endorphine Effect' seminars as an approved trainer.   

Personal Values

Values are the inherent drivers of our actions and decisions. These can create joy and connection or conflict and alienation. Learning and giving a high quality service is top of the pops for me. Family life is very important too, so is comfort, fun and good health influenced by spiritual pursuits which are varied. I could not have all of this without a work/life balance ethic. Runnning my own business does bring challenges but I find it gives me freedom to honour my core values. I love to work in collaboration with similar minded individuals.

So What I am good at and known for? 


Treatments with me or my specialist associates, offer you a confidential, bespoke skilled service. I hope this outline appeals and satisfies your interest. Please do refer to the testimonial page for some client feedback.

So when you want to live a life you love, feel less stressed and have more success call me on

Tel: 0115 9452384 to discuss treatment needs.

Karen Oehme